Secret Service

The most jaw-dropping cost was $52,000 spent to guard former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a multimillionaire, on a June business trip to Israel.
Trump reportedly asked if "Mike" was OK while praising insurrectionists and ripping Pence for lacking the "courage" to overturn the presidential election.
The Secret Service paid more than $10,000 at his Bedminster resort in New Jersey for 18 days in May, reveals The Washington Post.
More than half of the infected agents worked in the special agent division, which is responsible for protecting the president and vice president.
Bathroom trailers costing $8,500 per month are being rented in Bedminster, New Jersey, where Trump is staying for the summer.
Donald Trump could be the first president to face jail or prison time, creating a dilemma for the officials charged with protecting him.
"It's tacky," said one observer, especially since the billionaire is also collecting a $219,000 annual pension and has a taxpayer-funded staff.
In an “Insider” article, a former Secret Service agent went into detail about the racism that Michelle Obama endured as first lady.
"They could say whatever they wanted so long as there was no imminent threat of harm," Evy Poumpouras said of the racism leveled at the former first lady.
Pence hit the slopes as his own task force urged strict precautions amid historic highs in coronavirus cases and the CDC told people to stay home.
Private training for the 3-year-old German shepherd will be “off-site” in the Washington area, a spokesman for Jill Biden said Monday.
The comedian's joke about Caesar wasn't hailed by Donald Trump's security detail.
A new Washington Post report found that the Trump Organization is charging the Secret Service huge fees for the president’s getaways and taxpayers get the bills.
The president's frequent visits to Mar-a-Lago and other properties he owns are putting taxpayer money in his pocket.
Documents obtained by BuzzFeed show that the rapper was investigated at the behest of a TMZ employee.
All hell breaks loose on a fishing trip to hook you.
The self-proclaimed billionaire president does not appear to be doing anything to help with their household finances.
The president, who was lampooned by the public and seemingly the French Army for missing the event, said his request to drive was denied.
The costs included hotel rooms and car service for a Secret Service detail, according to CBS.
Malia Obama recently began her first year at Harvard. And like a true freshman Dad, President Obama couldn’t keep his cool.