"When the Supreme Court's decision finally etched itself upon the country, the social stuff of that imprinting behaved in ways other than intended."
That year was the height of stop-and-frisk in New York when nearly 700,000 people, more than half of them Black, were stopped by police.
The Democratic 2020 hopeful noted that despite a decades-old legal agreement, integration wasn't immediately successful in the Indiana city.
The sweeping plan also takes aim at charters, suggesting they divert precious resources away from traditional public schools.
Whites used to put nails at the bottom of pools in Cincinnati and pour bleach and acid in pools with black bathers in St. Augustine, Florida.
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) described busing as “a tool” to be considered for school desegregation.
Civil rights activist Al Sharpton called Biden's comments "egregious" and said the entire Civil War was essentially fought over this concept.
One of the senators reportedly advocated for genocide of black Americans.
When Kenyon Parker served in World War II, the Army was segregated. He and other black soldiers were denied guns, had separate facilities and were often forced into behind-the-line jobs of servitude.
Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is under fire for controversial details from her past.
Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith beat Democrat Mike Espy to become the next Mississippi senator.
President Donald Trump nominated Wendy Vitter to be a federal judge in the Eastern District of Louisiana.
A toxic combination of ruthlessness and timidity killed the landmark desegregation decision.
The threat of resegregation haunted this school district in Alabama just last month.
The woman who was at the center of Brown vs. Board of Education as a young girl has died, but Linda Brown’s legacy will live on.
A new film tracks the life of “Father Divine,” leader of the International Peace Mission and an advocate for anti-lynching laws and desegregation.
The film will follow the African-American combat unit who paved the way for desegregation in the armed forces.
At just 15, Claudette Colvin was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger.
The lines of racial division in our city are a product of the unequal system our society has created.