Senate Elections

Conservative commentator Kathy Barnette is nipping at the heels of Trump’s pick in the Pennsylvania race for a Senate seat.
The race is as much about J.D. Vance or whoever wins as it is about Donald Trump.
The Alabama Republican's new accusation could spell more legal trouble for the former president.
The former Missouri governor blamed the scandal on a GOP conspiracy tied to Mitch McConnell and political foes who don't want him to win a Senate seat.
The campaigns of Josh Mandel, who's being usurped as the front-runner, and investment banker Mike Gibbons each said the other candidate uttered the word.
There had been some confusion about whether Dr. Oz, the TV personality who's running as a Pennsylvania Republican, would relinquish his Turkish citizenship.
The Republican candidate is casting himself in the mold of Donald Trump. That means no position is too extreme, no tweet is too ridiculous to try to win over the MAGA base.
Josh Mandel and Morgan Harper, running for Senate from opposite ends of the political spectrum, debated in Columbus. A moment for consensus it was not.
Without Trump’s nonstop lies about “voter fraud” having cost him reelection, Georgia’s two Senate races likely would have been won by Republicans.
Three GOP Senate candidates, including two with Trump’s backing, have been accused of abusing women. Republicans don’t seem to mind.