Senate Elections

Dr. Al Gross, an independent, has argued that Sen. Dan Sullivan (R) is insufficiently opposed to a proposed mineral mine.
The senator backed policies that benefited her husband’s consulting business. Republicans target Sara Gideon's husband in attack ads, too.
The Republican senator is running for reelection in... Colorado.
The surveys, conducted by Data for Progress, argue Democrats in close races should embrace fighting climate change.
The political map is expanding, but it may prove difficult for Democrats to take full advantage.
A new ad from the North Carolina Republican's Democratic challenger blasts the senator for ladling taxes on the poor.
The 33-year-old narrowly avoided a runoff and will face GOP Sen. David Perdue in November.
The Native American former state legislator is making a historic run against Republican Sen. Jim Risch.
Theresa Greenfield, a front-runner to take on GOP Sen. Joni Ernst, has a personal story to tell about the New Deal program.
Maine's House speaker is one of at least five Democrats aiming to run against the Republican senator in 2020.