The Pentagon currently has over 640,000 private contractors. No one knows the exact number but this is almost certainly an
“You put a lot of effort into something, and then basically your time is getting wasted when your proposal has been rejected
On rare occasions when professional right-wingers let down their ideological guards, however, they can slip into revealing the truth. But, George Will has sinned on that most sacred of right-wing catechisms, government spending. From that, there can be no reprieve.
In fact, the Republican Party's economic agenda is harsher than anything even Germany's been willing to propose. So why hasn't there been a successful U.S. electoral countermovement along Syriza's lines? There are a number of reasons.
President Obama spoke about a lot of things in his hour-and-10-minute State of the Union address last night, but there's one thing he didn't mention: the caps on Pentagon spending required by the Budget Control Act of 2011.
Biomedical research advocates are hoping that news of a patient in Dallas being diagnosed with the Ebola virus will draw
DeLauro and Higgins' bill would effectively use a trigger mechanism to get around the limits set by the BCA. If the NIH is
"Our faculty members were contacted by the Chinese government not very long after the project was stopped, and there is the
This past week, Jeremy Berg, president of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, tried to find that
Paul Ryan's politics dictate that those who are down on their luck -- even children -- are soulless, not the Wall Street bankers who continue to crush the American middle class, necessitating such assistance in the first place.
The President's annual budget demonstrates whether our values are driving our national choices. Are we going to continue to give extra tax breaks worth billions to hot shots in the finance industry or re-direct tax help to decrease the poverty of more than 13 million workers?
"The number of low income families struggling to keep a roof over their heads has been rising dramatically," the center's
We want to give people a fighting chance to take on dementia head-on and win. To do that will require a significant increase in funding for basic research on the impact of aging on the brain.
We've made irresponsible, irrational budgetary choices when it comes to biomedical research. As a consequence, we're inflicting damage on our biomedical research enterprise that will take years if not decades to repair.
WASHINGTON -- The budget Congress just passed restores funding that was cut away last year from nutrition assistance for
Federal funding for senior nutrition has been reduced by budget cuts known as sequestration, meaning less food for old people here and elsewhere.
Here's a portion of that email: That's nothing to scoff at, but it also doesn't fill the hole. According to the NIH, 640
"Bob and my concern was that, at a minimum, let’s hold where we are with NIH," Burr said. "We think there is every reason
WASHINGTON -- The scientific research community was left disappointed after lawmakers on Monday night unveiled a new spending