Sesame Street

My life could've been different if I had the resources to understand my experience.
"Saturday Night Live" host David Harbour plays Oscar, a grumpy garbage man who's disillusioned with Sesame Street's crime and darkness.
The character debuted in May, but the show just announced it would explore her backstory and how kids can deal with parental addiction.
“Sesame Street” is tackling the opioid crisis in a way kids can understand through a new muppet, Karli.
The Trump administration’s efforts to undermine public broadcasting need to be opposed.
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network cut ties with the children's show over public service ads the nonprofit says are harmful.
The 2019 honorees include the long-running PBS show “Sesame Street,” the first time a television program will receive the honor.
The "Today" host has two daughters, Haley Joy and Hope Catherine.
Former first lady Michelle Obama was awarded for her work helping children at the “Sesame Street” 50th Anniversary Benefit Gala.
"There is something unexplainable that happens there, some unique alchemy that bubbles up that you just can’t find anywhere else," the former first lady said.
The Sesame Street in Communities program has introduced Karli, a character who lives with her foster parents Clem and Dalia.
The "Sesame Street" favorite spilled the beans on internet cookies, rent and Kermit in the cute online Q&A.
Brown Johnson tells The Hollywood Reporter those who don't view the characters as a same-sex couple can rest assured, too.
A clip circulating online has some debating the words that are coming out of the beloved puppet’s mouth.
Lily, a 7-year-old character first featured seven years ago, will face homelessness and teach kids about it.
Clearly, none of them has the faintest idea how to get to "Sesame Street."
Bert and Ernie being gay might seem absurd to some people, but it matters to me and my family.