Sexual Abuse

Ronald Antinore allegedly forced himself on the woman while they were both under the influence of LSD.
The CNN host tried to keep it professional as sparring escalated with Donald Trump's attorney, but to no avail.
David Patrick Neal is facing charges of aggravated burglary and assault.
The former star of "Mythic Quest" reportedly was written off the Apple TV+ show for behavior that concerned colleagues.
Choe later said that his account of coercing a massage therapist into a sexual act was entirely fictional.
More than 150 Catholic priests and others associated with the Archdiocese of Baltimore sexually abused more than 600 children over the past 80 years.
The "Uncut Gems" producer has been involved in divorce proceedings with estranged wife Emily Ratajkowski since last year.
"After three years of intensive therapy and a lifetime of denying the reality of my past, I can finally say it out loud," Christian Weissmann shared with HuffPost.
"Just a thing that happened. I don't know why everybody's so weird about it," the "Late Night" host quipped.
Anderson first made the accusation against her “Home Improvement” co-star in her new memoir. “You can’t make that stuff up,” she contends.