Sexual Harassment

The disgraced Hollywood mogul is going to prison in upstate New York.
"I am caught between my love of being a woman and my fury that this womanhood makes others believe they can abuse me."
Journalist Laura Bassett has a theory on why the “Hardball” host defended Mike Bloomberg: because Matthews has been inappropriate to her, too.
He said he "never behaved aggressively toward anyone," days after saying he was "truly sorry."
The senator from Massachusetts went after the former New York mayor during the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina.
The probe concluded that accounts from 27 people showed a pattern of sexual misconduct and abuse of power spanning at least two decades.
The candidate said there are three women who have made complaints about his behavior, and he will not oppose them if they decide to speak publicly.
New Hampshire House Democrats reprimanded Republican lawmakers who repeatedly ducked mandatory anti-harassment training.
The Uber whistleblower's new book offers powerful evidence of what happens when a woman can speak openly about sexual harassment.
The change is another sign of upheaval for the National Rifle Association, which faces a series of lawsuits over expenditures and media leaks.
Plus: Being sexually harassed in a school uniform.
Deborah Dugan was abruptly placed on leave last week, just days before this year's Grammy Awards.
Activists say that some major Democratic contenders haven't unveiled sufficient plans to fight sexual harassment and assault.
A new study on teaching middle schoolers about sexual violence and dating abuse yields interesting clues.
The former Fox News host watched the film with several other former staffers who accused men at the network of sexually harassing them.
Officials will need to decide whether or not to press charges against the former Hollywood producer.
While people bravely continue to speak out against sexual misconduct, there are plenty of signs that a system protecting perpetrators still persists.
The agreement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission follows an investigation sparked by a former employee's scathing blog post.