Sexual Harassment

“He said generally in these situations people come up missing,” Cheryl Mack recalled him telling her when an underage girl sued him.
A report on sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo found David advised the then-governor about his response to the claims.
For the white-necked jacobin hummingbird, looking like a male comes with big perks.
Tchen, who headed the advocacy group, was allegedly involved in advising the former governor's team after he was accused of sexual harassment.
His resignation, which comes after a report concluded he had sexually harassed employees, made way for Kathy Hochul to become the state's first female governor.
The LGBTQ group's counsel also warned staff not to speak of Alphonso David’s role in efforts to discredit Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s accusers. What?
A lawyer showed a photo of the governor with his hand near a woman's chest to prove he did not touch the woman's chest.
Close, famed for his large photorealist portraits, was accused of sexual harassment by several women who posed for him.
Joel Greenberg has been cooperating with federal authorities investigating the Florida congressman for alleged sex crimes.
After decades of accusations, the R&B singer is facing his second trial related to his alleged sexual abuse crimes against minors.