SF Mayoral Candidates

SAN FRANCISCO -- Mayor Ed Lee has already tipped us off to his agenda for his four-year term with no pesky "interim" before
I've always sought to break ground in standing up for LGBT families -- so, of course, I'm proud that my first ad in the San Francisco mayor's race shows me as a parent and father, the most important job I could ever hope to hold.
Between now and Election Day, we encourage you to visit our candidate questionnaire Big News page to read more about each
List a few of your most significant endorsements. Which one do you feel best exemplifies the reasons why you are running
The breadth of my endorsements – from neighborhood groups to labor, from arts organizations to law enforcement – is truly
As rents in San Francisco continue to rise, there are fears that SF is becoming a luxury bedroom community for Silicon Valley
Over the past year, Muni's on-time percentage dropped for the first time in five years, largely due to budget-related service
As Mayor, I want to address the root causes of homelessness, and ensure our tax dollars are used effectively to expand programs
Born: San Francisco, CA, 1968 Current Gig: Former San Francisco Supervisor As rents in San Francisco continue to rise, there
Born: Sacramento, CA, 1959 Taking what I learned from that experience, I retained former City Attorney Louise Renne’s law
I never landed on a square playing Monopoly that recycled 77%. We are the envy of every other city. Why break what's working
If San Francisco's economic future depends on a well-trained workforce, we must address the growing trend of families leaving our community in search of better schools.
We've received some great questions from passionate residents throughout the city who all hope to see their next mayor address
How are voters in the Left Coast city supposed to sort all that out? “Sometimes contributions are about ideology, and sometimes
In his closing statement, Dufty went off on a passionate, if a bit rambling, oration about the unacceptable level of violence
I am pleased this year's budget was passed with less conflict than in past years. But ultimately, this year's budget, passed by an interim mayor, is full of interim solutions to our long-term budget challenges.
We can't just create any jobs -- we need to create the right kind of jobs for San Francisco. Jobs that help working families, provide a living wage, create a greener city, and promote our common values of innovation, creativity and community service.
Five members of the Board of Supervisors want to revisit fights of the past by dismantling Care Not Cash, San Francisco's landmark policy that has delivered real results for thousands of formerly homeless San Franciscans.
In San Francisco, I found a city that shared my values and reflected my experience: celebrating diversity, promoting strong neighborhoods, and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.