Shadow COnventions

I met Bush rather briefly when he was governor of Texas and found him to be intelligent and funny -- though he certainly turned out somewhat differently than I anticipated.
Politicians at the state and local level have been more willing to embrace reform. Both Stewart and Sterling say that's because
SPECIAL FROM BetterAfter50 The actual drop-off was efficient and uneventful. Roommate and his family were quite nice. My
The collateral damage then spirals outward into neighborhoods and communities, where it's corroding the very institutions
Lesbians, and liberals, and Clinton, oh my! What a week! I spent time in the belly of the beast: Charlotte, NC for the DNC. I have to admit, they put on a good show.
I need to hear more from our president. What do you mean by "move our country forward"? How will you do it? Yes, we know you're human. So am I.
Juror Mary Jo Hooper told the paper she had ordered a box of chocolates to share with jury members and courtroom employees
She says her son is mentally challenged and has been wearing face paint since he was a child. “His mind doesn’t work the
Though the conservation workers successfully freed the seal, the New Zealand Herald reported, Fyfe noted that the pup's fate
2012-08-28-scblog2.pngCampaign Finance Reform may not sound like a burning, hot-button issue, but it is, and all of us citizens better get united behind that, or pretty soon there won't be anything left worth fighting for. That's why I'm running for president and that's why I approved this message.