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I met Bush rather briefly when he was governor of Texas and found him to be intelligent and funny -- though he certainly turned out somewhat differently than I anticipated.
The recent results seem to indicate that at least in some parts of the country, the electorate is paying more attention to
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Read more BetterAfter50 The actual drop-off was efficient and uneventful. Roommate and his family were quite nice. My Mom
Our broken criminal justice system wasn't discussed in the first two 2012 debates, and it's unlikely it will be addressed
Lesbians, and liberals, and Clinton, oh my! What a week! I spent time in the belly of the beast: Charlotte, NC for the DNC. I have to admit, they put on a good show.
I need to hear more from our president. What do you mean by "move our country forward"? How will you do it? Yes, we know you're human. So am I.
Wells also alleges that the gifts were "evidence of the jury's racial bias" against the black Wellons, according to the Los
Sides' makeup and hair dye caused extra alarm, CNN reports, in light of the July movie theater shooting that left 12 people
2012-08-28-scblog2.pngCampaign Finance Reform may not sound like a burning, hot-button issue, but it is, and all of us citizens better get united behind that, or pretty soon there won't be anything left worth fighting for. That's why I'm running for president and that's why I approved this message.
IDEA creates local clubs and establishes independent debate associations throughout the world, offering young people the
America's real "social welfare" nonprofits -- the hundreds of thousands of direct-service, locally based, tax paying charities that uphold the great American social contract -- need to step up and engage candidates at every turn.
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When it comes to backing a particular political candidate or party, celebrities have a couple of advantages over the average
Media CEOs, though, also donated more to Democrats than Repubicans. By exception of News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch (who donated
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HuffPost Live will be taking a comprehensive look at the corrupting influence of money on our politics Sept. 6 from 12-4
To help protect themselves, while also encouraging a more democratic society, charities of all missions and purposes need to work together to moderate the influence of money in politics.
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Race and ethnicity remain closely linked with income and social capital in the United States, Ryan said. That a growing list
In the crisis year of 2008, Goldman turned a total after-tax profit of $2.3 billion -- enough to pay the entire industry's
These incremental reforms included the barring of former staffers who had become lobbyists from any contact with the administration