Sharron Angle

Less than a century ago, in 1920, Tennessee lawmakers ratified the 19th Amendment that allowed American women the right to vote in federal elections. The current drive by Republicans and corporate allies to uproot safeguards for privacy and women's rights undermines that legacy.
As for “choices,” it is difficult to compare the number of insurance carriers and health plans available in the Nevada exchange
Nearly four years after unsuccessfully running for U.S. Senate, former Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle is back at it with
"In Kentucky, Republicans would be better off with a different Republican candidate. Mitch McConnell is a very weak general
The campaign committee of Sharron Angle (R-Nev.), the 2010 Republican candidate against Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry
“Certainly, we need to replace Harry Reid’s leadership and it would be nice to have a different person representing our state
Law, the president of both the new super PAC and the two Crossroads groups, explained the rationale for the Victory Project
Organizations like the Conservative Victory Fund indicate that the establishment is done playing ball with these radicals -- and that it is ready to begin the work of reclaiming the GOP from its fringe elements. And not a moment too soon.
The news was good for Republicans over the weekend when Tom Harkin announced that he wouldn’t seek a sixth term in the U.S
What do YOU think? What business would YOU expect to see on those holy Praytriot Pages? Last week, we assured you that your
This wouldn't be your regular kind of war. You know, the ones we just watch on TV and the soldiers come home, we toss and Oscar at Kathryn Bigelow and then pretend the whole thing never happened.
Still, the marriage of these two can be seen as an update to the counter-establishment model as Heritage moves to compete
Unlike many political groups aligned with the Republican Party, the Club for Growth is very active at the primary stage of
Angle, who made an unsuccessful bid against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last election cycle, sparked controversy with
Radical statements by Republicans aren't just gaffes; they reflect a cold-hearted, insensitive, mean-spirited, dishonest and ignorant attitude that is reflected in the way that they govern and make laws.
Whether or not there's actually a "war on women," some in the Republican Party like to act as if they've already won it. In
The Ex-Im Bank is supposed to enable the export of small business products that would otherwise be difficult to sell abroad
Does anyone seriously believe that the vision of our Founders was that guys who carry a gun on their hips 24/7 are "super-citizens" with greater political rights than senior citizens, minorities, the impoverished?
Gov. Bob McDonnell, Potential VP Pick, Drops Controversial Ultrasound Mandate [Washington Post] "Angle was heavily criticized
If there's one number that you need to know it's that in 2012, Latinos constitute 26 percent of the state's population. Latino Decisions estimates that Latinos will comprise 15 percent of Nevada's registered voters by the 2012 general elections.