Sharron Angle

Less than a century ago, in 1920, Tennessee lawmakers ratified the 19th Amendment that allowed American women the right to vote in federal elections. The current drive by Republicans and corporate allies to uproot safeguards for privacy and women's rights undermines that legacy.
Finally, the OurVoice ad’s narrator claims, “It’s no surprise the enrollment in Nevada’s exchange is a fraction of what was
In order for the amendment to go into effect, Nevada voters would have to approve the measure during both the November 2014
But it is rekindling Republicans' concerns that party feuds could lead to a reprise of the 2010 and 2012 elections, when
The campaign committee of Sharron Angle (R-Nev.), the 2010 Republican candidate against Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry
A former member of the Nevada assembly, Angle surprised the political world by winning the Republican primary for Senate
Asked if Law had talked to McConnell about the concept of the Victory Project, Collegio responded by citing a statement Law
Organizations like the Conservative Victory Fund indicate that the establishment is done playing ball with these radicals -- and that it is ready to begin the work of reclaiming the GOP from its fringe elements. And not a moment too soon.
The news was good for Republicans over the weekend when Tom Harkin announced that he wouldn’t seek a sixth term in the U.S
Of course, such is the Internet. There's a place for everybody! Which brings us to our favorite new site of Christian nationalist