Shep Smith

Fox News host Shepard Smith has resigned, leaving the conservative news network with very few objective reporters.
Wallace will "never be his father," Trump complained, referring to the late TV journalist Mike Wallace.
Carl Cameron explained why it will "be telling" to see who steps into the slot voided by Smith, who abruptly quit the network on Friday.
The Fox News journalist found out his colleague was leaving the network moments before starting his own show.
The anchor was one of the network's first hires in 1996.
“We’re hardly a channel in agreement,” the Trump ally said.
The Fox News host blitzed the president for suggesting China should investigate Joe Biden while Trump's being investigated for also soliciting Ukraine's help.
Two of Fox News biggest stars, Shepard Smith and Tucker Carlson are involved in a bitter fight after one host called out the other host.
Carlson just raised the stakes in the increasingly nasty back-and-forth between the two Fox News hosts.
The Fox News host rips apart the president's conspiracy theories.
"Do you have a problem representing an industry that's addicting kids to nicotine?" Smith asked during the testy exchange.
The anchor wonders why the president can't simply apologize for his screw-up and move on.
“Claims that it is a ‘hoax’ do not represent my views," one reporter for the conservative network has tweeted in response to Carlson's comments.
Fox News host makes it clear for Carlson: "White nationalism is without question a very serious problem in America."
The Fox News host also warned American consumers to get ready to pay for the president's all-out trade war with China.
“You’re a man on an island by yourself,” the Fox News host said. “How long can you stay there?”
But he avoided calling the president's attack on four Democratic congresswomen racism.
Action could "be taken up by the Congress while the president is still in office — or by the courts after his term is complete," warned the Fox News host.
Shepard Smith interrupted the president's environmental event to deliver some news for the White House.