Shep Smith

“Each time, we hear kids cry, parents pray and politicians promise, and then it happens again in America," the CNBC anchor said.
Fox News’ prime time personality sarcastically went after the now-CNBC anchor over a report about people not wearing masks in a grocery store.
The former Fox News anchor accused the network's opinion division of propagating lies and explained why he stayed there so long.
The president lied that the election was "stolen from us" during an address to rioters who stormed the Capitol.
Shepard Smith debuted his CNBC program, “The News With Shepard Smith,” by holding President Donald Trump accountable for his behavior at the presidential debate.
"We’ve never seen any of this. Not in America. But from this, we march toward the vote," the former Fox News host said.
“I know I found a great home for my newscast,” said Smith, who left Fox News after sparring with the network over Trump.
Multiple people at the conservative news network defended Cavuto after Trump raged about his unflattering coverage.
The anchor will fill the 3 p.m. slot once occupied by Smith before his abrupt departure from the network in October.
The former Fox News host called out autocrats spreading “garbage and lies masquerading as news” in his first comments since leaving the network.