Shep Smith

“Claims that it is a ‘hoax’ do not represent my views," one reporter for the conservative network has tweeted in response to Carlson's comments.
Fox News host makes it clear for Carlson: "White nationalism is without question a very serious problem in America."
The Fox News host also warned American consumers to get ready to pay for the president's all-out trade war with China.
“You’re a man on an island by yourself,” the Fox News host said. “How long can you stay there?”
But he avoided calling the president's attack on four Democratic congresswomen racism.
Action could "be taken up by the Congress while the president is still in office — or by the courts after his term is complete," warned the Fox News host.
Shepard Smith interrupted the president's environmental event to deliver some news for the White House.
The Fox News host got visibly emotional during a discussion about immigration.
The Fox News host used his conservative network’s own reporting on the U.S-Mexico border to debunk the president's version of events.
The Fox News host said kids detained at the U.S.-Mexico border are sleeping "on concrete floors without blankets, toothpaste, soap or diapers."
Chris Wallace and Shep Smith both claimed "something's wrong" with the president's version of events.
Andrew Napolitano says the president would be committing a crime if he accepted an offer of dirt on a rival from a foreign power.
The Fox News host gives the network's viewers a reality check with "10 instances of apparent obstruction of justice."
"The president attacking the investigator, true to pattern," Smith cracks.
Fox News, Infowars and other outlets amplified conspiratorial theories about the blaze's cause, which has yet to be determined.
CNN hosts also criticized Trump’s disparaging remarks about the late Arizona senator.
And that seems to be all the president cares about now, Wallace tells Fox News' Shepard Smith.
"I am convinced that upon those who intentionally misinform, history will poorly reflect."
"If it walks like a loss and quacks like a loss, you know, it’s just a loss."