Sherrod Brown

Whaley said she was just doing her job when the president insulted her.
After the massacre, Trump visited Ohio victims and then criticized the mayor and Sen. Sherrod Brown as “very dishonest” and “misrepresenting” his visit.
The senator originally said he wouldn’t meet with the president, who is visiting Dayton after a mass shooting took place there over the weekend.
His voice is gravelly. His suits are rumpled. And the Ohio Democrat *really* needs to smile more.
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-O.H.) criticized Republican judicial nominations in an extraordinarily scathing address on the Senate floor.
The Ohio senator ripped Republicans for mindlessly confirming inexperienced and ideological judicial nominees for Donald Trump.
The Democrat is known as a red-state progressive and staunch ally of organized labor.
Seven of the declared and likely 2020 presidential hopefuls have disagreed on issues like health care, foreign policy and immigration.
The party's voters need to decide how much it really matters.
Brown ripped Trump for his history of racism, including spreading the birther conspiracy against Barack Obama for years.
The Democratic senator becomes the latest to blast the controversial billionaire for considering a spoiler race.
Some of them agree with President Trump’s decision to recognize the country's opposition leader as the legitimate president.
Of all the Democrats who could play a part in the next presidential campaign, the Ohio populist emerged from Election Day with the most to brag about.
The Democrat, who won a third term, had been favored in polls over his opponent, who tried to paint him as a political outsider.
Senators say they have questions about student performance and fiscal transparency in the online school systems.
The party is rebuilding its "blue wall" -- and hoping to make big gains after years of GOP dominance.