So That Happened

Earlier this year Donté Stallworth and three other former and current NFL football players spent three days lobbying Congress
Republicans in the U.S. Senate have been unable to garner enough support within their own conference for their latest bill
This week on So That Happened: President Donald Trump dined with Democrats and on Wednesday night struck some sort of agreement
This week on So That Happened: President Trump struck a surprising deal with congressional Democrats to fund the government
This week on So That Happened: in the wake of one of the worst storms in US history, Huffpost national reporter Roque Planas
This week on So That Happened: president Donald Trump read what he pretended was an excerpt of his own speech in order to
President Trump this week spoke of ‚Äúvery fine people‚ÄĚ among the Nazis and Ku Klux Klanners who staged a violent protest that
This week, we turn the reins of So That Happened over to the New York office, and HuffPost reporters Jeff Young and Sam Levine
This week, we take a little break from things that happened this week to head to Pasadena, California for Politicon! Over
This week on So That Happened: Zach Carter takes a break from book leave to return and host the show! He’s joined by ProPublica