Social Security

Raising the retirement age would be highly controversial and Congress is not likely to do so anytime soon.
It’s at least the second time Scott has changed his proposal after insisting it didn’t say what it said.
Supplemental Security Income recipients could receive meals or groceries without the government cutting their benefits.
Their proposal would make Social Security fully solvent through taxes on higher earners and corporations.
“It’s clearly the Rick Scott plan, it is not the Republican plan,” the Senate minority leader told the “Terry Meiners” podcast.
The man who vowed to pull Social Security "up from the roots" acts aghast when Biden says Republicans are working toward jettisoning the vital program.
The Florida Republican wants federal laws to end in five years unless extended. But he says suggesting he wants to cut Social Security or Medicare is a lie.
Biden's back-and-forth with Republicans may have been an early turning point in the debate over federal spending.
In a slight shift from previous statements, the House speaker assured Donald Trump Jr. that he would take his dad's advice.
For one thing, it suggests party members haven't coalesced around a plan for the popular program they've threatened to reform.