Social Security

Labor and advocacy groups want Joe Biden to get rid of Trump holdover Andrew Saul.
The favorite choices for dogs and cats have some overlap with the most popular baby names over time.
The Social Security Administration's baby naming data goes back more than a century.
Missouri, Utah, Alabama and more states have found new life in the form of baby names.
President Donald Trump is in a hurry to finalize regulations that target food stamps and disability benefits.
Several changes to food and disability benefits are included among the dozens of regulations lined up.
George Costanza may have thoughts about the latest baby naming data from the Social Security Administration.
The Social Security Administration's data reveals less common picks, including Attila, Skylette and Mayhem.
Trump pursued a series of disability and food benefit cuts without congressional input. Biden could stop them the same way.
Social Security Administration data shows the top names for babies born from 1920 to 2019.