South America

President Nicolas Maduro closed the border to stop the opposition bringing U.S. humanitarian aid into Venezuela.
From slavery to snack food, sugar has ravaged Caribbean and South American nations. Is it time for reparations?
“Oftentimes the person at home with Grandma or Grandpa is a child,” Dr. Biller said. “In our society, we need to teach those
Outrage over the ruling has created a protest hashtag: #curagay.
Since the lapse of the much derided “Vietnam syndrome,” Americans have come to simultaneously expect cost-free intervention
Astronomers Without Borders is offering to collect them ahead of eclipses in South America and Asia.
Attempts to drive a wedge between impoverished blacks and aspirational immigrants are frighteningly familiar.
If the app is successful, it’s only because it learned from the thousands of identifications that iNaturalist’s bustling community have contributed.
New findings point to a potential decline in male health and fertility.