South Carolina

The woman, identified as Dorothy Louise Downey, was helping her daughter move out of the century-old house when she fell.
Donald Trump used college football rivalry weekend to bask among his supporters in a state and region that are key to his presidential fortune.
Most of Scott's political experience was ultimately centered on being Republicans' Black best friend.
The South Carolina lawmaker was among the eight House Republicans who voted to remove the ex-House speaker last month.
The GOP senator and presidential candidate briefly held hands with Mindy Noce after Wednesday's debate.
An appeals court in South Carolina is allowing Alex Murdaugh to ask a judge to throw out his murder convictions and life sentence and get a new trial after his lawyers accused the court clerk in his trial of influencing the jury.
This week's case lays bare the results of a 2019 Supreme Court precedent that effectively greenlit partisan gerrymandering.
Murdaugh, who was convicted of killing his wife and son, has now pleaded guilty in federal court to 22 counts of financial fraud and money laundering.
The stealth fighter jet crashed after the pilot ejected and parachuted to safety.
Police said that the fatal shooting of Nicholas Anthony Donofrio was "justifiable" under South Carolina's "stand your ground" law.