South Carolina

Someone fired shots inside and outside the Old Skool Sports Bar & Grill in Lancaster, South Carolina early Saturday morning.
At least four deaths in the Southeast were blamed on the storm.
More than 1 million people were warned to leave in the Carolinas, and a round of evacuations was ordered in coast Virginia as the storm drew closer.
The massive storm gained strength once again late Wednesday as it took aim at the Carolinas.
McKrae Game, who founded South Carolina's Hope for Wholeness in 1999, has apologized for being "a religious zealot that hurt people."
At least seven people have died and 21 are injured as the now Category 3 hurricane continues flooding the Bahamas.
The "essence" of his recollection is correct, the former vice president told a South Carolina newspaper.
The hatchling was named Squirt and Crush and released into the ocean off of in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
Chance said the "confidence" of the 2020 candidate's "head bob" just "mighta made me #YangGang."
The Democratic presidential candidate has convinced activists of color she's serious. Can she translate that enthusiasm to the broader black electorate?
Stuckey, whose death is being investigated as a homicide, is estimated to be the 12th known transgender woman of color to be killed this year.
The South Carolinian said his bid would focus on the growing federal debt and deficit, issues he says are being largely ignored.
Miracle Hill Ministries just announced it's allowing non-evangelicals as employees and prospective foster parents. But Jews, queer people and others need not apply.
The former vice president faced a torrent of criticism for comments this week. But some black voters in South Carolina are willing to let him off the hook — for now.
The 2020 Democratic candidate finds support from a key group of voters in a key state.
While all four candidates received good marks from a mostly black audience in Charleston, Sen. Elizabeth Warren may have made the biggest impression.
The South Carolina woman avoided a DUI charge, but was cited for public intoxication..
Eden Rogers and Brandy Welch say a waiver granted to religious foster care agencies allows the groups to discriminate against prospective foster parents.
The associate chair of the Democratic National Committee is the second Democrat to announce a bid for Graham's spot.
Marine experts said such branding would be painful for the animals.