South Carolina

The actor said he and his wife will "always be deeply and unreservedly sorry for" getting married at Boone Hall, a South Carolina plantation.
The storm, downgraded from a hurricane overnight, set off flooding, caused thousands of power outages and sparked at least five home fires.
Authorities are looking into the Greenville incident as possibly gang-related.
Some Black lawmakers are urging colleges and local governments to defy state law and act on their own.
President Trump plans to hold an indoor campaign rally in Oklahoma on Saturday.
Bertha's maximum sustained winds were near 50 mph as it came ashore but it was expected to weaken to a tropical depression after moving inland.
The reptile ruffians threw down at Hilton Head Lakes golf course in South Carolina.
Knox Brewer was "magnet fishing" at a South Carolina lake when he caught a waterlogged lockbox containing debris-covered jewelry, credit cards, and a checkbook.
The "Late Show" host shows off his moves after Tom Steyer's bizarre South Carolina campaign event.
After a victory in S.C. and Pete Buttigieg's departure, Joe Biden claimed a trove of new Democratic backers.