South Carolina

Stephen Smith's body was found in 2015 on a rural South Carolina road about 15 miles from the Murdaugh home. His death was initially ruled a hit-and-run.
Stephen Smith's mother hopes that an independent autopsy on her late son will shed more information into his mysterious 2015 death.
A new bill from "pro-life" Republicans could make abortion a crime punishable by death.
South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson said Murdaugh's taking the stand to defend himself was a “fatal” move.
The disgraced former lawyer was convicted of killing Maggie and Paul Murdaugh at the family's South Carolina hunting property in 2021.
“When accountability was at his door, he was a victim again,” the lead prosecutor said of misfortunes that the former attorney is accused of creating to hide his alleged crimes.
The person who shot Murdaugh’s son Paul at close range was likely stunned and injured, delaying their ability to effectively shoot his mother next, the expert said.
The disgraced attorney’s defense team wants jurors to believe that not enough information was gleaned from the crime scene to pinpoint his family's killer.
The defense is poised to present their case next week.
Aviation enthusiasts captured the communications as Air Force pilots destroyed the much-ballyhooed balloon.