South Carolina Primary

22 Minutes' Mark Critch hits the road to check in on the Republican candidates in South Carolina.
Joe Biden has won the South Carolina primary, giving his campaign a much needed boost. But there are already signs that the former Veep might struggle to maintain the momentum.
The former VP badly needs a decisive win in South Carolina to have a chance of stopping Bernie Sanders. But he's bleeding support, especially with Black voters.
The Minnesota senator said she will use the money to broaden her base, hoping to diversify her predominantly white coalition.
As Democrats eye their 2020 White House candidates, it's best to recall that the "electability" path is littered with the bodies of losers.
Hillary Clinton made the case that "half" of Donald Trump supporters belong in a "basket of deplorables," wrote Chris Weigant in an article posted in the Huffington Post. But is that the case?
Arik Bjorn's ability to be a "legislative uniter" will depend on whether or not South Carolinians are willing to back a progressive Democrat, who is derivative of the Bernie Sanders movement.