South Dakota

Jason Ravnsborg, who said he did not realize he hit a man until he returned the next day and found the body, is the first official to be impeached in his state's history.
A hotel owner wrote a racist rant against Native Americans. Now the Great Sioux Nation is asking the hotel to evacuate its lands immediately, citing treaties.
One of the hotel's owners posted a ban notice on Facebook after a shooting at the hotel early Saturday involving two Native American teenagers.
“That makes me sad," said South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who recently signed a bill targeting transgender athletes.
The Midwestern state has one abortion clinic left and zero in-state providers.
It's the first state to pass such a ban in 2022.
Republican Gov. Kristi Noem is expected to sign it into law.
The new rule for medical abortions would make the state one of the hardest places in the nation to get abortion pills.
Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota said the party risks losing credibility and voters if Trump is allowed to undermine trust in the democratic process.
The Republican defended the proposed bill as an effort to ensure “an equal playing field” for women.