South Korea

South Korea boasts the highest number of cosmetic procedures per capita worldwide, but beauty standards in Korean society are not the “draconian” practices that many news outlets portray them to be.
Rescuers are searching for sailors trapped in a capsized cargo ship off the Georgia coast.
The Golden Ray, a South Korean cargo vessel, was carrying over 4,000 vehicles when it capsized in Georgia’s St. Simons Sound.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff didn’t immediately say what the weapons were, how many were launched or how far they flew.
North Korea said Leader Kim Jong Un supervised a live-fire demonstration of newly developed, short-range ballistic missiles.
The news comes less than a week after the North launched two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea in a defiance of U.N. resolutions.
Negotiations between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have stalled in recent months, reportedly frustrating the North Korean leader.
The meeting on Sunday might "only be a handshake," said Trump. "But that's okay; a handshake means a lot."
Mohammed bin Salman shared an impish grin with Putin and Trump praised him as his "friend."
Tweeting from Japan, Trump told the North Korean dictator he wanted to meet at the border zone while he was in South Korea for a meeting with President Moon.
“K-Pop of the human rights movement" strikes a chord in a conservative country.
A South Korean newspaper reported last week that several North Korean officials were punished for a failed summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump.
The U.S. national security advisor said the missile tests violated U.N. resolutions. Trump, who's in Japan, has downplayed the tests.
South Korea’s presidential Blue House said in a statement that the North Korean launch on Thursday was “very concerning.”
North Korea's criticism appears to be a continuation of its frustration at deadlocked nuclear negotiations with the United States.
Feminists have led the country’s Me Too movement and advocated for the recent overturning of an abortion ban.
The country's top court ordered lawmakers to lift the ban, which punishes women who receive abortions and doctors who perform the procedure, by next year.
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