South Korea

North Korea said Monday it tested a newly developed cruise missile twice over the weekend.
The comments were Pyongyang’s first official statement of the Biden presidency.
While North Korea has denied involvement, it has been linked to a slew of prominent cyberattacks in recent years.
A fight between two South Korean manufacturers puts the already shaky supply of batteries for U.S. electric vehicles in jeopardy.
Trade lawyers call it “the nuclear option.” South Korea’s prime minister called it “embarrassing.” The question now is whether Biden will call it unacceptable.
Kim Jong Un took center stage in celebrating a major ruling party meeting in which he vowed maximum efforts to bolster the nuclear and missile program.
Disbelieving South Koreans officials made him jump two more times to back up his claim.
Chinese internet users and state media took the comments as a slap at Chinese soldiers who fought alongside North Korean forces during their failed attempt to annex South Korea in the 1950-53 war.
The actions were likely an effort to prevent a coronavirus outbreak, South Korea’s military said on Thursday.
Over 300 COVID-19 cases have been linked to Rev. Jun Kwang-hun's Sarang Jeil Church in northern Seoul.