Prior to Sunday’s debacle, Pedro Sánchez had insisted he'd ride out his four-year term with leftist government coalition partner United We Can.
The arrests come after an outpouring of support for the Real Madrid player after he said he was abused in Valencia.
The Real Madrid player has received racist abuse on multiple occasions since moving from Brazil five years ago, the latest during his team’s weekend loss to Valencia.
Organizers of the Carrera de la Mujer in Madrid, Spain, said it hadn’t considered the prize would have sexist implications.
The Spanish queen's headwear drew plenty of comparisons on Twitter.
The body of José Antonio Primo de Rivera is being moved from the Valley of the Fallen, which was built with forced labor to mark the fascist victory in the civil war.
Mountain climber Beatriz Flamini spent more than a year and a half deep underground in southern Spain.
In drought-stricken Spain, around 250 villagers brought back the faded practice of a special Mass and procession to pray for rain.
Ximo Puig, the president of the Valencia region, said the effects of climate change “are undeniable, so the perspective of firefighting must be considered on an annual basis.”
A mid-air collision dumped four U.S. hydrogen bombs near Palomares, spreading several pounds of highly radioactive plutonium 239 across the landscape.