The Spanish government has made several high-profile removals off the back of the Historical Memory Law, including taking over Franco’s summer palace from his heirs.
Alec Baldwin's wife, who's accused of pretending to be from Spain, said her "deep connection to two cultures could have been better explained."
A 2013 David Letterman interview where Alec Baldwin mimics a Spanish accent has gone viral amid online chatter about Hilaria Baldwin's nationality.
The wife of Alec Baldwin has long claimed ties to Spain but was born in Boston with the given name "Hillary." She's been the subject of recent online chatter.
Alec Baldwin’s wife has long presented herself as being from Spain. But under pressure from a viral Twitter thread, she has made a few clarifications.
The bill will now continue its legislative journey, facing a vote in the Senate where it is also expected to pass.
Nations including Germany, Italy and France are moving to tighten restrictions amid fears of a third coronavirus peak.
It's only the second known case in which large felines have contracted the coronavirus.
The new star on the Netflix series described one scene in a "freezing-cold swimming pool" in Spain that was the "hardest" to film.
An overnight curfew was ordered Sunday in hopes of stemming a resurgence in coronavirus infections.