Staten Island

Danny Presti, co-owner of Mac's Public House, has been arrested again for hitting a deputy while trying to flee after defiantly reopening his bar to indoor patrons.
One protester incredibly complained that having to drink outside made him feel like a Jew during the Holocaust.
Comments on the viral video from Staten Island ranged from bashing the yelling "savages" to "finally."
He worked at a Staten Island warehouse where employees had recently walked out to demand that the facility be temporarily closed and sanitized.
A father is using his 3-D printer to create face shields to protect people against COVID-19.
Employees at a Staten Island warehouse called on Amazon to better protect workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company says it's already doing so.
Exclusive footage shows Amazon workers tightly packed in a facility cafeteria on Staten Island, New York. The videos were taken even as the rest of New York has adopted social distancing measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.
“I wanted it to be clear that I’m part of this community,” the 23-year-old said of why she decided to publicly come out.
Rose, who unseated a Republican congressman in a district Donald Trump won, was one of his party's last holdouts.
The Department of Justice has announced that no federal charges will be filed against the officer involved in the chokehold death of Eric Garner back in 2014.