Stephen Miller

The MSNBC anchor torched the former Trump White House adviser over the ex-president's anti-immigration plans if he wins back power.
The former Trump adviser lauded the left without irony after Kevin McCarthy was ousted as speaker.
Josh Shapiro had a short, sharp answer to a question about the anti-immigration Trump adviser.
Miller urged conservatives to weaponize the Department of Justice after accusing Democrats of doing the same.
The ex-Trump aide's group ripped Kellogg's for hurting "its' shareholders' interests" to serve "woke" ideology.
The former Trump adviser had a welcoming ear on Newsmax after Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to tax charges.
The former Trump adviser told 200 law school deans to respect the court's decision or see him in court.
Miller, a senior adviser in the Trump administration, called on those who care "about the rule of law" to coalesce around the former president.
Miller, along with former White House political director Brian Jack, reportedly received subpoenas as part of an investigation into a Trump super PAC.
One of the very, very few voices of reason on Fox News is stepping down.