Stephen Miller

The former president has insisted that the refugees are a threat. Trump adviser Stephen Miller said his focus is on convincing members of Congress.
Miller began making life difficult for Afghans who worked with the United States as a Senate staffer, even prior to Trump’s election.
A familiar-looking bottle appeared in a picture with the former president.
Donald Trump's senior policy adviser should never be taken seriously again, the MSNBC anchor commented.
The former Trump adviser's "zero tolerance" policy led to the separation of more than 5,400 children from their parents at the southern border.
One person told the former White House adviser point-blank: "You lost. Decency won. Go away."
Brian Kilmeade asked Stephen Miller why Trump's legal team had lost dozens of cases if there was as much voter fraud as they claim.
The adviser to President Donald Trump outlined the plan to undo President-elect Joe Biden's victory on "Fox & Friends."
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs had a meltdown while talking with White House adviser Stephen Miller about the fate of the Republican Party.
The Fox Business host went off on the White House adviser and other "gutless" Republicans for their lackluster legal efforts to overturn the election.