Steve Bannon

The former White House adviser and Donald Trump are working for Charles Herbster's election as governor despite allegations he groped eight women.
The senior policy adviser behind many of Trump's policy decisions had resisted previous efforts by the House committee investigating the insurrection.
Leaked emails show Stephen Miller is as racist as you think he is and now democrats are calling for him to resign.
On the other hand, "I'm Black, from cradle to grave," the Georgia congressional candidate told Steve Bannon. "I don't have a choice."
Former Trump aide Steve Bannon could face prison time after being indicted for refusing to testify before the committee probing the Jan. 6 riot.
Republican Tina Peters was charged with 13 counts, including attempting to influence a public servant, criminal impersonation and first-degree official misconduct.
Bannon also called the former vice president a "stone-cold coward" for refusing to violate the Constitution as Capitol rioters called for him to be "hanged."
Steve Bannon, indicted for allegedly bilking contributors in a "build the wall" scheme — and pardoned by Donald Trump — is now promoting a cryptocurrency.
The decision blocking Trump's use of executive privilege in the Capitol riot investigation is also a "nail in the coffin" for the two former aides, said Neal Katyal.
"You cannot interpret this as anything but a declaration of war on democracy," noted the California lawmaker.