Steve Bannon

Our editors have picked some of your most thought-provoking comments from last week’s top stories.
The "Last Week Tonight" host showed off Trump's "destructive, pointless, ineffective, racist, weak" legacy to himself.
Jason Miller defended Donald Trump's inner circle as "great people" even though seven of his former associates were charged with federal crimes.
She predicted that the arrest of his former chief strategist Steve Bannon will be on the president's mind.
The former Trump campaign executive’s wisecrack from a June 2019 fundraising event not only predicted his indictment, but also involved a yacht.
Seth Meyers, Steven Colbert and Jimmy Fallon mocked the former Trump campaign executive's arrest.
CNN’s chief legal analyst also predicted another big problem the former White House chief strategist now may face.
MeidasTouch looks at Steve Bannon's arrest -- and wonders which Trump insider could be next.
The FBI and SEC launched an investigation after investors said they never received verification of their investments, sources told The Wall Street Journal.
The president’s family denies knowing anything about the scheme, but a HuffPost investigation reveals close ties.