Steve King

King, who not long ago spoke at a conference frequented by neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers, endorsed Ramaswamy in the Iowa presidential primary.
Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar took the stage right after former Rep. Steve King, who called on Americans to "restore" the country "with our babies" and "our values."
A coalition of GOP figures, seeing King as a liability for the party, had supported the campaign of his opponent, former state Sen. Randy Feenstra.
The coronavirus electoral pause ends Tuesday with major races in Iowa, New Mexico and Maryland.
The Iowa congressman is facing the toughest primary challenge of his career, but it's not because his opponents are calling him out for his bigotry.
The Iowa Republican claimed he struck a deal with the GOP House minority leader to give him back all of his committees.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) took away the congressman's committees. Now King says he’s struck a deal to get them back.
A comedy duo called The Good Liars unveiled the "tiny statue for a tiny man" in Des Moines, Iowa.
If it walks like a white nationalist, talks like a white nationalist and spits racist venom like a white nationalist, it might be Rep. Steve King.
Really weird how the Republican congressman keeps making this mistake.