Steve Scalise

A stunt from House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, involving a milk carton with the vice president's face on it, didn't really work out.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) opened up about the challenges of working with a Republican party drifting away from reality.
It's a dangerous lie that the election was stolen from Trump, but the House minority whip refuses to acknowledge that.
Do Ted Cruz and Kevin McCarthy think people will just forget what they did?
The Republican admitted the video shouldn't have been edited but maintained that the real interview still proved that Joe Biden wants to defund police.
Rep. Steve Scalise tweeted a video that altered the words of the progressive activist, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease and speaks using voice assistive technology.
Not even a legal rebuke from a nonpartisan congressional investigator can shake GOP senators' faith in Trump.
The president wasn't happy with the way Wallace grilled one of his loudest cheerleaders in Congress about impeachment.
Without a coherent response from the White House, Trump’s supporters have been wildly pinballing across a range of unconvincing arguments.
A federal appeals court has revived the suit after a lower court dismissed it in 2017.