Stop And Frisk

For over 50 years, the court has provided "super powers" to American police that free them to stop and frisk, use deadly force and evade accountability.
Critics say victims of the controversial police tactic are often violated in multiple ways.
The senator told "The View" that the former mayor's response to the "wholly wrong" policy has been "simply not good enough."
Thousands of New Yorkers described their experience with the NYPD when Michael Bloomberg was mayor.
The Democratic presidential candidate also made the dubious claim that he cut stop and frisk by "95%" during his time as mayor.
In a blow to Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, audio has resurfaced of the former New York mayor claiming that most murderers are young men of color.
The former New York City mayor can be heard defending the controversial policy in 2015 and claiming "all the crime" is in minority communities.
"The View" host — and Stephen Colbert — questioned the former New York City mayor this week on his motivations for apologizing for the policing strategy.
The New York mayor criticized his predecessor's late apology for the policing strategy that targeted minorities.
The potential 2020 candidate told a Black megachurch that the legacy of the practice, which largely affected Blacks and Latinos, “still bothers me.”