Stormy Daniels

The former first lady reportedly shares Donald Trump's opinion that the case constitutes election interference.
"The Late Show" host finds evidence for the trial moment Trump's allies have denied.
The Fox News host got called out for her characterization of Trump's relationship with Stormy Daniels.
The Maryland Democrat knocked the former president's "people" for attempting to "trivialize and diminish" the meaning of the upcoming trial.
“Just four years ago I was a very popular and successful President," he wrote on Truth Social. "Tomorrow morning I’ll be in Criminal Court."
Stephanie Grisham also explained why the ex-president is probably "quite worried" about his wife right now.
“There’s a powerful public interest to ensure this criminal trial goes forward,” the Manhattan district attorney's office argued Wednesday.
Former President Donald Trump is rehashing longstanding grievances with the current judge in a long-shot, eleventh-hour bid to disrupt and delay the case.
"The Late Show" host is looking forward to this element of the looming court proceedings.
Judge Juan Merchan said the former president's arguments were "inadequate and not convincing."