Strange Crime

Superman was arrested in Utah this week — OK it wasn’t the real Superman. But this is probably one of the most ironic arrests we’ve ever heard of.
This year was FULL of dumb crime stories — so much so that we could easily ask 2013, “REALLY?” Here’s a few of our favorites.
A dance student from Tulsa, Okla., on a trip to Houston was taken into custody on Saturday after she was discovered in her instructor's car.
We learned a lot from a 22-year-old woman who tried to storm the field at a University of Iowa football game over the weekend.
There's nothing wrong with saying, "See you later, alligator," unless it's a real alligator that you left in your mom's bathtub.Authorities in Volusia County, Fla., have charged Sean Lewis, 45, with alligator poaching after his mother called 911 on Monday to report him.
The phrase "See you later, alligator" has never seemed more appropriate than in a West Virginia pet store, where a baby gator was shoplifted.
Joseph Michael Brannen had a burning ambition to be a firefighter, but his plans have gone up in smoke. Brannen, 18, is in hot water after police say he admitted he purposely started a fire at his local library, so he could help put it out.
Two sisters in Miami not only share an unbreakable bond, but they also share an unusual distinction: They both got popped for DUI while riding in the same car at the same time.