Workers at Piedmont Airlines say their wages are too low to live on. Now they might join other striking workers.
The union called it a "Hollywood ending" on Saturday, though workers still need to ratify the agreement with studios.
Matthew Loeb, president of the IATSE union, says film and TV crews are burnt out on long days and no rest — and the streaming era has made it worse.
The workers had rejected a tentative agreement reached between the manufacturer and their union, the United Auto Workers.
The union representing behind-the-scenes workers on film sets says the studios haven’t shown “any sense of urgency” in contract negotiations.
Almost 99% of union members approved of striking if they don't make progress on a contract, threatening to shut down TV and film production.
Their union successfully resisted an inferior health care plan but agreed to a new weekend schedule that could affect overtime pay.
Nabisco parent company Mondelez wants to do away with workers' premium pay rates for weekends and long shifts.
The miners of Warrior Met in Alabama say they're determined to win back what they lost in bankruptcy five years ago.
Workers at Churchill Downs, horse racing’s most iconic racetrack, say their company is refusing to grant modest raises and pension increases.