Workers at Churchill Downs, horse racing’s most iconic racetrack, say their company is refusing to grant modest raises and pension increases.
Around the country, pockets of teachers have been protesting what they see as unsafe working conditions.
Even the players themselves might call it a boycott, but the bottom line is they halted the playoffs by refusing to work. That's why it's powerful.
Employees of the fast-food giant want better protective gear, guaranteed paid leave and hazard pay during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A historic coalition of workers demanded that major corporations consider their health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic.
The pandemic has revealed just how poorly many companies treat their employees. Will workers continue to fight back once life goes back to normal?
A lead organizer for the planned Monday walkout says the grocery delivery company isn't taking care of workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.
The teaching assistants had withheld fall-quarter grades while demanding a cost-of-living wage adjustment.
There were 25 work stoppages -- involving 425,500 total workers -- last year.
The Iranian strike took place Jan. 8 on an air base in Iraq.