We might have a massive work stoppage after all.
HuffPost spoke with Diyawn Caldwell about why people imprisoned in Alabama went on strike and how they organized incarcerated workers throughout the state.
The conservative justices will hear a case that might pave the way for companies to pursue claims against unions over work stoppages.
Workers may walk off the job – or be locked out by their employers – if they can’t reach a deal by the Friday deadline.
Carmakers say buyers might not get the vehicle they want on time, commuter rail lines could see service disrupted, and shipments from everything from oil to livestock feed could be disrupted.
Classes are scheduled to resume in just two days.
It’s been around for more than one hundred years, but the Labor Day holiday had bloody beginnings.
Employees of the liberal think tank have put all options on the table as they push for higher salaries.
Workers ratified a new contract with Kroger after walking off the job on Jan. 12.
More than 80 stores are involved in a walkout at the Kroger-owned chain.