A French swimming competition, an impressive sandcastle and a displaced polar bear round out this week's best images.
After ousting a long-reigning dictator, Sudan's protest movement fears the military is gripping onto power.
Over 100 people were reportedly killed in the capital and across Sudan in a sweeping crackdown last week.
The council itself took power in a coup on April 11 when military officials ousted and detained former President Omar al-Bashir.
Pro-democracy protesters said Wednesday that dozens of bodies of people slain by Sudanese security forces were pulled from the Nile River in Khartoum.
The long-reigning dictator was toppled this week, but the consequences of his rule continue to be devastating.
Omar al-Bashir has been arrested in the wake of escalating protests against his 30-year rule.
Noura Hussein killed her husband in self-defense, and her case has become a global cause.
Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino, may not survive much longer, and there's talk of euthanasia.
Starting the first of April, the government says it will give the asylum seekers the choice between prison and “voluntary” deportation.
More than 19,000 kids have been lured into combat since the civil war erupted.
Israeli rabbis, including Sarah Silverman’s sister, Susan, are offering to hide African migrants to protect them from prison or deportation.
Israel is giving African migrants two options, neither of which seem ideal.
Mr. Rudwan Dawod, 35, is both a Sudanese and U.S. citizen, a husband and father, and a prominent member of the Sudanese Congress
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Most of the countries on the new list are still Muslim-majority, said Becca Heller, IRAP's director.
It remains unclear what caused him to drown.