Changes demanded by Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters now have broader backing.
The Democratic National Committee chairman has had a rocky relationship with the activist left.
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A “unity commission” proposal will strip two-thirds of superdelegates of their power to vote independently.
They lost in the rules committee, but they'll get another shot on the convention floor.
For the past three decades, state by state and county by county, the Democratic Party has been involved in almost perpetual
Reality can be hard to swallow. Even for politicians. (Especially for politicians?)
If you don't, all the admiration you have legitimately amassed in a lifetime of noble service will be blown away by a tsunami
In the waning time before the last Democratic presidential primaries, Sanders has hitched his hopes on the superdelegates overturning pledged delegates and giving him the nomination. A key part of his case hinges on general election polls, with the claim that they show he would be the stronger nominee against Trump. While there are many reasons why superdelegates are quite unlikely to do this, starting with them not reversing the decision of most primary voters and caucus goers for the first time, there are five specific reasons why polls won't help Sanders shift superdelegates.