Supreme Court

Chief Justice John Roberts has acknowledged the court needs to do more to show it takes ethics seriously.
Civil rights leaders in South Carolina say they plan to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to rename the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision that outlawed segregation.
The ruling will have “significant repercussions for water quality and flood control" across the U.S., conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh warned in his dissent.
A wave of newly approved abortion restrictions in the South has sent providers scrambling to reconfigure services for a region with limited access.
It’s the second decision in as many years in which a conservative majority of the court narrowed the reach of environmental regulations.
The failed gubernatorial candidate was called out for "projection" after a wild new claim.
The chief justice said the nation's highest bench can do more to “adhere to the highest standards” of ethical conduct.
“We do not believe the Committee has the authority to investigate” Crow’s friendship with the Supreme Court justice, the GOP billionaire's lawyer said.
The Florida governor appeared in full campaign mode as he discussed a two-term plan to make the court more conservative.
The case revolved around a 1984 series of prints Warhol did for Vanity Fair.