Supreme Court

The decision has had immediate impact for families in Idaho, who are now left scrambling to figure out how to help their children receive care.
The court could imperil the prosecution of more than 300 Jan. 6 participants charged under the provision — including Donald Trump.
The law subjects physicians to up to 10 years in prison if they provide hormones, puberty blockers or other gender-affirming care to people under age 18.
Thomas, 75, also was not participating remotely in arguments, as justices sometimes do when they are ill or otherwise can't be there in person.
The decision leaves in place a lower court ruling that imposes severe consequences on a protest organizer if a single attendee commits an illegal act.
The case could also erase one of the biggest charges former President Donald Trump now faces.
Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley says she won't seek another term, setting up a high-stakes fight for control of the state’s highest court.
The new spot from Republican Voters Against Trump features one alarming number.
The late-night host mocks conservative “weaklings” for their over-the-top fealty to the ex-president.
Trump’s claim of blanket immunity from prosecution is “an assault” on the military's “foundational commitments” to the rule of law, the officials said.