"None of us had ever seen such sustained and enthusiastic wave riding from pinnipeds before."
“It looks like it’s going for my leg and it’s changed its mind,” Matt Wilkinson said of the terrifying video.
"I did what anyone would have done," he said. "The shark was latched onto her leg. I just jumped into the water."
Diane Cardwell, author of “Rockaway: Surfing Headlong Into a New Life,” spoke to HuffPost about catching waves and surviving Hurricane Sandy.
He was pronounced dead at the scene on a beach in Santa Cruz County.
The surfer and her husband, Adam Dirks, have two sons, Tobias and Wesley.
Chandler Moore is "totally" ready to go surfing again despite the shocking encounter.
Big-wave surfer Bianca Valenti has led the fight for gender equity in the highly dangerous sport.
Propelled by her love of big wave surfing, Bianca Valenti changed surf competitions to be more inclusive of women.
The Christmas Eve tradition began in 2009 when surfer George Trosset saw a Honda ad featuring surfers in Santa suits.