An Australian official said there's "no chance" Slater will be allowed into the country to compete without a COVID vaccination.
Hawaii's Carissa Moore was one of two surfers to win the first-ever Olympic gold medals for surfing. Brazil's Italo Ferreira won the gold for the men's division.
“I just think (it’s) not fair for me to blow a lifetime opportunity,” Italian surfer Angelo Bonomelli said. “There is some negligence.”
Surfers from around the world appear to defy gravity and buoyancy to stun the judges on the waves.
Ethnic Hawaiians lament that surfing and their identity have been culturally appropriated by white outsiders who now stand to benefit from the sport the most.
From skateboarding to baseball, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are adding sports that are popular in Japan to the summer games.
"See you soon, great warrior," said the El Salvador Surf Federation.
"None of us had ever seen such sustained and enthusiastic wave riding from pinnipeds before."
“It looks like it’s going for my leg and it’s changed its mind,” Matt Wilkinson said of the terrifying video.
"I did what anyone would have done," he said. "The shark was latched onto her leg. I just jumped into the water."