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Chandler Moore is "totally" ready to go surfing again despite the shocking encounter.
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Big-wave surfer Bianca Valenti has led the fight for gender equity in the highly dangerous sport.
Propelled by her love of big wave surfing, Bianca Valenti changed surf competitions to be more inclusive of women.
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The Christmas Eve tradition began in 2009 when surfer George Trosset saw a Honda ad featuring surfers in Santa suits.
Maya Gabeira broke the Guinness World Record for the largest wave surfed by a woman.
"I got a present from God," the gutsy surfer said at a World Surf League ceremony.
The blockbuster sequel rides a wave of interest in its "final" preview.
"Never before has a drone fitted with a flotation device been used to rescue swimmers like this."
"A whole world of pain happened," says Brit Andrew Cotton.
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Zander Venezia, 16, died Tuesday shortly after catching what he'd called "the best wave of my life."
With heavy sighs and sarcasm, he's clearly less than thrilled.
The Santa Cruz surfer is credited with inventing the modern wetsuit and elevating the sport of surfing.