Susan Collins

The group has been under pressure to cut ties with the GOP senator, but she still remains a much-needed ally in the fight against the Title X abortion "gag rule."
Maine's House speaker raked in over $1 million in 10 days as part of her campaign to unseat the Republican senator.
NextGen America, which works to turn out young voters, is making the Maine Republican a top target for 2020.
Some Democrats hope Collins' long-held seat in Maine will be vulnerable in 2020 after her vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Bre Kidman, a criminal defense attorney, is running in Maine’s 2020 Senate race -- and “flipping the bird to the notion of electability” along the way.
The DSCC, EMILY’s List and NARAL are supporting Gideon, Maine's House speaker, in the race to unseat Sen. Susan Collins.
Maine's House speaker signaled a potential bid in October after Collins, the state's GOP senator, voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.
Matthew Kacsmaryk has also ripped Roe v. Wade and dismissed abortion rights supporters as "sexual revolutionaries."
The GOP senator faces intense backlash from state Democrats and abortion rights activists over her vote for Brett Kavanaugh.
The Maine Republican says she's pro-choice, but she's voted to confirm dozens of judges who have signaled their opposition to abortion rights.
Howard Nielson was also one of the guys behind George W. Bush’s torture memos. He’s about to be a lifetime federal judge.
“I can’t imagine the courts would sustain it,” said the Republican lawmaker from Maine.
"We'll always be ride-or-die bitches" for Trump, says Beck Bennett's Mitch McConnell on "Saturday Night Live."
Not every GOP lawmaker agrees with Sen. Mitch McConnell that it’s time to move on from the special counsel’s investigation.
Suzanne Muscara, 37, told law enforcement that she sent the letter but didn't expect it to be taken seriously, according to a criminal complaint.
"No one parodies Susan Collins more viciously than Susan Collins," says one damning tweet.
Only 15 Mainers contributed $200 or more to the Republican senator's reelection campaign between January and March.
The Republican senators shrugged off the accusations. "He means nothing bad by this," Graham said.
Derek Levasseur, a conservative blogger, formally announced his campaign during a press conference in Maine on Sunday.