Susan Powell

Susan Cox Powell has been missing since Dec. 7, 2009, when she failed to show up for her job as a stock broker at Wells Fargo
According to Washington state attorney Anne Bremner, Steven Powell's former residence is now in the hands of the two girls
The family of Susan Cox Powell is just one grappling with the devastating aftermath of the bizarre phenomenon of family annihilations in America, which often involve suicide by the killer dad.
Since June 2012, Steven, 62, has been serving a two-and-a-half year sentence for charges of child pornography and voyeurism
David Lovrak According to the disciplinary letter, Lovrak, an 18-year veteran of the agency, has received four previous rebukes
The media outlet did not name the man but ABC News has identified him as Scott Hardman. West Valley City police have declined
The court documents do not just focus on Josh Powell. They also also detail an apparent obsession Steven Powell had with
Susan's purse, keys and credit cards were among some of the other belongings found in the couple's bedroom. The court documents
"We have made the determination that Josh will not be buried at Woodbine Cemetery [in Puyallup, Wash.], but are in the process
"Just when you think this case can't get any worse, it does," Bremner told HuffPost. Pastor and Sgt. Ed Troyer combined their
"He set it up like a rental place, with pictures of the family," Sgt. Denny Wood said, according to CBS. "I think it was
When I put myself in Josh Powell's shoes, they don't fit. He said he couldn't live without his two young sons. Fine. Why couldn't he have just killed himself then?
American's are stunned by the horrific acts of Josh Powell. The accused murderer took his own life and the lives of his two beautiful sons Charles, 7, and Braden, 5 in a bloody inferno.
Steve Powell has been in jail on voyeurism and child porn charges since last fall after authorities found explicit images
PHOTOS FROM THE POWELL FAMILY TRAGEDY:(Story continues below) "I am not able to live without my sons, and I'm not able to
The explosion, fueled by a combination of gas and an accelerant according to police, came days after a judge denied Powell's
Steve Powell was arrested on the child pornography charges roughly two months later. The husband of missing Utah mom Susan
TACOMA, Wash. — The children of a Utah woman who's been missing since late 2009 have been placed in the care of her parents
Ellensburg, Wash. - Over the course of their long-standing friendship, Sandy Crain Anderson learned two things about Steve
"They obviously have some type of human decomposition on them because that's what the dogs are hitting on," Merritt said