Susan Rice

The former U.S. national security adviser had no time for the Fox host.
The former national security adviser penned a searing op-ed for the New York Times describing the global domino effect of the president's racist rhetoric.
The former national security adviser said Trump's lying ... again.
Trump needs to find "the will and capacity to climb down" from a conflict he created, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations wrote.
Susan Rice’s name is included on a list of officials who have criticized Trump, even though she has kept a relatively low profile.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirms Trump wants to strip security clearances from officials who have criticized him.
This week, the media company announced the former Obama administration official will join its board.
Obama's national security adviser reiterated her point.
The president didn't specify what crime he thinks Rice might have committed.
The two hosts were sniping about who really refused to cover what story.
The White House keeps trying to make the exposure of details about Russian contacts with Trump officials the big story, rather than the contacts themselves.
The former national security adviser also denied that she had ever "unmasked" anyone for political purposes.