Susan Rice

Joe Biden's potential running mate worked as a private consultant for foreign governments in 2001-2. It's not clear who her clients were.
Many supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are pushing back against Joe Biden's advisers' track records of supporting military intervention.
The leading contenders include California Sen. Kamala Harris, California Rep. Karen Bass and Obama national security adviser Susan Rice.
"It'd be a good move for Republicans," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said when asked about President Obama's former national security adviser.
The Obama-era national security adviser said Trump's GOP backers in the Senate should be consigned to "the trash heap of history."
As few as six serious contenders are entering a second round of vetting to become a potential vice presidential nominee.
The former national security adviser said Trump is “clearly threatened” by what Obama stood for.
The former national security adviser denounced Trump's son-in-law for calling the Trump administration's handling of the crisis "a great success story."
The national security adviser in the Obama White House warned "many thousands more Americans will die unnecessarily" because of Trump's incompetence.
Former national security adviser slams Trump for telling White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor to "be nice" and not "threatening" at a coronavirus briefing.