A pilot plant making steel from green energy and hydrogen instead of coal could have big consequences for an industry with one of the worst environmental footprints.
While people are away, the members of Anonymouse will play.
They are the European countries with the most outbreaks recorded at the end of June, but their strategies to tackle Covid-19 could not be more different.
Swedes say Anders Tegnell deserves all the ink he's getting for the way "he has been standing straight in the frontline" during the crisis.
Sweden hasn't locked down. That may have confused segregated groups with foreign backgrounds, which report high infection rates.
He starred in close to 200 film and TV productions, remaining active well into his 80s.
In nominating her, two Swedish lawmakers said the 17-year-old “has worked hard to make politicians open their eyes to the climate crisis.”
A man who stole the urn from a car in Cyprus contacted the family in Sweden, telling them where to find it, the deceased teen's mother said.
The Swedish climate activist has responded to two controversies as she travels home to Sweden for the holidays.
Dean Cushman is widely regarded as sparking the Swedish duo's success in America. Here, he remembers Marie Fredriksson, who died Monday at age 61.