Same-sex couples can only apply for civil unions in the country.
A hairless feline from Switzerland is gaining fans for his extreme looks and winning personality.
The 2.96-millimeter gold coin weighs 1/500th of an ounce and has a nominal value of 26 cents U.S.
During a news conference at the World Economic Forum, President Trump bragged that “they don’t have the material,” seeming to refer to the documents the White House has refused to turn over to the Senate.
Trump told a gathering of the world's top businessmen in the Swiss Alps that he's led a “spectacular” turnaround of the U.S. economy.
From Angela Merkel to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, women in government face a gendered dress code. Here's how women around the world subvert it.
Pastures are not "petting zoos," and getting intimate with cows can have "serious consequences," warned Austria's tourism minister about a weird app stunt.
The Swiss actor's portrayal of the Nazi German dictator spawned countless internet parodies.
The two tennis greats competed in the United States vs. Switzerland mixed doubles match at the Hopman cup.
Chris Gursky walked away from his 2-minute 14-second airborne ordeal with a broken wrist -- and a promise to try hang gliding again.