The effects of global warming are obvious as ice across the continent melts at “disastrous” rates.
Their ice volume declined by 6 percent in a “disastrous” 2022 amid rising concerns about global warming and a summer heat wave that swept across Europe.
The case centered around a $2 million payment from FIFA to Platini with Blatter’s approval in 2011, for work done a decade earlier.
Thirteen were hospitalized, police said.
Your busy lifestyle could be making your dog depressed!
Workers at a Nespresso warehouse found 500 kilograms (over 1,100 pounds) of cocaine, with a street value of $50 million.
Climate activist Greta Thunberg told the world's business leaders at the virtual World Economic Forum, usually held in Davos, that the time for "small steps in the right direction" to deal with climate change is over.
Police said the victims were all French citizens and members of the same family.
Gruyere cheese does not have to come from the Gruyere region of Europe to be sold under the gruyere name, a federal judge has ruled.
An overwhelming majority of Swiss voters approved the "Marriage for All" initiative via a September referendum.