Lee Meng-chu went missing after sharing photos documenting the Chinese military buildup on the Hong Kong border.
The restaurateur was fed up with how Taiwanese gua bao was being referred to as "New American" cuisine.
The NBA free agent was speaking about his emotional breakdown last month in Taiwan.
The NBA champion, now a free agent, teared up while speaking in front of a crowd in Taiwan.
The free agent said his "greatest dream" is to ball alongside his brother Joseph.
As the world drowns in trash, Taiwan’s recycling success is a model of change and a beacon of hope.
Tears of joy as gay marriage is made legal in Taiwan, Ramadan sights and an adorable baby giraffe round out this week's top images.
“Today, we have a chance to make history," Taiwan's president said in a message before the vote.
Sweat bees feed off of sweat and tears and doctors say this woman had four living in her left eye.
The Taiwan patient's vision was likely saved because her contact lenses kept her from rubbing her eyes.
Saturday's vote shattered Taiwan's reputation as a beacon of liberalism in Asia.
The vote presents a major defeat for LGBTQ activists who had campaigned for marriage equality.
An estimated 130,000 people took part in Saturday's parade, pledging support for same-sex marriage ahead of a Nov. 24 referendum.
Wilson, 30, fled to Taiwan to avoid being charged with sexual assault. The Taiwanese authorities sent him back to America.
He'll likely be deported to the U.S., where he'll face a charge of sexually assaulting a minor.
But that doesn't mean the United States would get the same results.
Beijing has demanded that foreign firms, and airlines in particular, not refer to self-ruled Taiwan as non-Chinese territory on their websites.
The American Institute of Taiwan opened to conduct relations between the two countries.