Top officials were aware a year earlier than previously reported that Russia was secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans, according to Associated Press sources.
The 22-year-old activist celebrated her philosophy, politics and economics degree with a very messy graduation photo.
A horrific attack at a maternity hospital in Kabul has not been claimed by any group, but the U.S. said it bears all the hallmarks of Afghanistan’s IS affiliate.
The U.S. had asked Taliban officials for Frierichs' release during meetings last week. Frierichs disappeared in Afghanistan in late January.
New details have emerged on early efforts to locate Mark R. Frerichs, a contractor from Illinois whose disappearance has been shrouded in mystery.
The U.S. said Tuesday that it had begun its “conditions-based reduction of forces" in the country as part of its February peace deal signed with the Taliban.
An addition to the draft resolution was sought to ensure that women's rights are protected in the deal.
The investigation will target the Taliban, Afghan forces and U.S. military and intelligence personnel.
President Ashraf Ghani's comments pointed to the first hitch in implementing the fragile U.S.-Taliban peace deal.
The aim of the peace deal is to withdraw all U.S. troops within 14 months and end America’s longest war.