Tax Reform

Full Segment: Pulling the tax debate outside the beltway, Republicans are pushing to start taxing spending instead of income, but critics say that's unfair.
Joe Biden says the wealthy should "pay their fair share," but Democrats don't agree on what's fair.
Scandals that have weakened centrist Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) helped drive the change as well.
They stepped on this rake last year and now it's hitting them in the face.
Congresswoman calls Ed Rollins a "walking argument" for a 100 percent tax on misogyny.
Congressional Republicans had his back, even if nobody could say exactly what Trump was talking about.
Democrats say the speaker was peeved with Patrick Conroy for praying about no "winners and losers" under the tax bill.
To “celebrate” tax deadline day, here’s a reminder that not only did President Donald Trump refuse to reveal his tax returns, he loved to brag about how little money he paid to the IRS
The retiring House speaker wants to be remembered as the man who ushered in tax reform.