Taylor Lautner

The former "Scream Queens" costars began dating last year.
The actor has been incredibly supportive since Lourd lost her mom Carrie Fisher and grandma Debbie Reynolds.
Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos), a lovely lass in a hoody, falls off a car she's jumping on and lands on Cam and crushes his bike. It's love at first pileup, and our hero soon joins Nikki's crew of parkour aficionados who are criminals for hire.
Now, with Mommy, the easy-on-the-eyes filmmaker has been catapulted in to the top ranks of world directors -- up there with Almodovar, François Ozon and Paul Thomas Anderson.
3. Kristen Stewart cut her hair. Yes, of course KStew has chopped her locks before (e.g. "New Moon" era), but this time, her
But in LA, the biggest stars are often found in the stands. Over the past few months, big names such as Jay-Z, Mel Brooks
Taylor Lautner has been seen A LOT with his "Tracers" co-star Marie Avgeropoulos since filming began last month. Rumors were
However, in the film, he plays Sandler's enemy. "We're the frat boys," Tatro says. "It's me and Taylor Lautner's posse. We've
Go, Taylor, go! Thank goodness: safe, secure and prepared for vengeance. They're out for blood -- or at least lack of breath
I just saw your most recent cover over at Wonderland magazine. You look beautiful. What I take issue with, however, is that you talk about being single forever.