Teachers Strike

Teenagers in Nevada's Clark County used the popular video app to support their teachers ahead of a threatened strike — and organize a picket line of their own.
Gallup has been tracking the favorability of unions for decades, and it's been steadily rising since the recession ended.
Battered by budget cuts and pension changes, some Kentucky educators hope to change the system from within.
Teachers have been staging "sickouts" over proposed changes to their pension fund amid a larger pension funding crisis.
A new contract reached between California teachers and the Bay Area school district includes higher wages and reduced class sizes.
Thousands of California teachers in the Bay Area city are demanding better pay and classroom conditions.
“People can’t afford to live here,” said one Oakland, California, teacher who's striking to win higher wages.
“We’re asking for the education our students deserve,” one teacher at an Oakland, California, school said.
Last year's fight was over compensation. This year's fight was over charter schools.
They say they don't trust leadership in the state Senate to not revive an education reform bill they oppose.
Republican lawmakers are seeking to create charter schools, a move many teachers see as retaliation for their previous walkout.
The teachers union announced its decision to strike after failed negotiations with the school district over base pay.
After years of weak bargaining power, U.S. workers finally went on strike in massive numbers.
Union leaders say a state Senate plan to create charter schools is retaliation for last year's groundbreaking walkout.
The school district has half a million students. Only a fraction of them have been showing up this week.
Teachers at traditional L.A. public schools aren't the only ones striking. So are educators from charter schools.
Leaders say the strike is a fight for the future of public education.
Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are among the likely presidential contenders supporting the strike.
Most news stories focus on salary-related issues. But that’s not our sticking point.
“I feel like it’s not just about the teachers, it’s about everyone,” said a student at the nation's second-largest school district.