Teacher's Union

Mailers from the Freedom Foundation dangling a dues “credit” looked like they came from a union president.
Brandon Johnson has begun his first term leading the nation's third-largest city, which will test the ex-union organizer's ability to turn proposals into solutions.
The governor and likely GOP presidential hopeful just signed a bill that will make it harder for public-sector unions to collect dues.
And the only ones their legislation might spare are the unions representing cops and firefighters.
Brandon Johnson, a Chicago Teachers Union member, is running for mayor against Paul Vallas, a former schools CEO and longstanding union antagonist.
The Chicago Teachers Union said it will file an unfair labor practice complaint in response to the announcement, claiming the district violated its agreement.
Leaders of the third-largest school district continue to clash with the Chicago Teachers Union, which says the city has not done enough to make schools safe.
The status of instruction for the rest of the week remains in limbo.
AFT President Randi Weingarten explains why she now supports vaccine mandates -- and why her union has opposed them.
Local teachers unions say their areas face unique challenges when it comes to resuming in-person classes. But many districts have proven they can reopen safely.