Teacher's Union

Education and children's welfare groups are calling on presidential candidates to form more comprehensive platforms.
10 of the 2020 contenders answered questions at a forum hosted by the nation's largest teachers union.
Union leaders say a state Senate plan to create charter schools is retaliation for last year's groundbreaking walkout.
They hope the teacher walkouts will catapult more teachers into government.
Schools will reopen soon after negotiations stall at the state Capitol.
Teachers do what they do for love, but they also do it for money.
For the first time in nearly three decades, teachers across the state are set to walk off the job if their demands aren't met.
DeVos visited the school with one of her high-profile critics, Randi Weingarten.
Jindal also believes that Betsy DeVos has proven she is dedicated to improving the education system because she has "spent
A less sunny view is based on elections results in "blue" Massachusetts and "red" Georgia, where voters in both states soundly
Republicans have long favored the use of competition to drive government reform. The Obama administration seized on this
The advertisement, written as an open letter to parents, attacks CCSA for "indefensible tactics, such as trying to shield charters from financial accountability and lobbying to defeat a bill protecting charter students from unfair expulsion."
Should a world class education be reserved for children of the rich?
Pearson Education, which boasts that it is the world's largest education publisher, distributes a textbook in South Africa that teaches secondary school students that at least some rape victims are responsible for being raped.
The conventional narrative about Chicago today is that the Windy City and its restless mayor, Rahm Emanuel, have been on
The teachers, who've worked without a contract since June 2015, still have to vote on the tentative deal.
I spoke with a Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) representative who conceded that teachers don't really "want" to strike but nevertheless