Teacher's Union

As school districts consider reopening, aging or immunocompromised teachers must balance financial, health and insurance concerns.
“Educators are determined to use their voice to propel Joe Biden to the White House,” the National Education Association said Saturday.
The education secretary's brother, Erik Prince, reportedly recruited an ex-spy to infiltrate a Michigan teachers union.
Some members of the New York City United Federation of Teachers say the union’s endorsement process is undemocratic. Its leaders disagree.
More than 300,000 students missed days of classes, but they will be made up at the end of the school year under the terms of the deal.
The standoff between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union has resulted in an eighth day of striking, the city's longest in over 30 years.
Rapper honors striking teachers, the "second city" that "fathered me," and second choices.
The Massachusetts Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate stood alongside the Chicago Teachers Union in its sixth day of striking for a better contract deal.
The Chicago Teachers Union rejected Lori Lightfoot's request to halt the strike during contract negotiations as the walkout reached its third school day.
They will be building on a wave of teacher of activism that they helped set off in 2012.