Ted Cruz

Cruz wants senators limited to two terms — but he's now running for a third himself.
Their fossil fuel donors are sure getting their money’s worth.
The Republican senator can't seem to stop reminding people about his cold-weather escape act two years ago.
"The Daily Show" mocked the Texan's partisan takes on classified material improperly stored by Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Mike Pence.
Cruz declared it’s “still early” to offer a take on the discovery of documents at Pence’s home.
The Texas senator is cool with classified documents at Mike Pence's house but not so fine with the ones found at Joe Biden's.
The smarmy Texas senator either has a very bad memory or simply likes being humiliated, one Twitter user suspected.
The late-night host reignites his longtime feud with the GOP Texas senator.
The Republican senator from Texas was struck with a beer can during the Astros World Series victory parade in Houston.