Ted Kennedy

Both senators had an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastomas.
Knowing the man, it felt inevitable. Twice, Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona has thwarted his party’s efforts to
Author’s Note: This article is Part Two of a series of reflections on historic Democratic political speeches aimed at laying
Hillary like many women tends to be more of a nurturer. She has brought up an amazing daughter and kidded recently even though
Today there appears to be a rapprochement between Sanders and Clinton. Should Clinton be elected President, she will need the support of Sanders. Sanders will clearly be in the political catbird seat, and could be a thorn in the side of Clinton should she fail to give proper deference to progressive polices.
Featuring MTV, smooches and Al Gore doing his version of the Macarena.
Featuring MTV, smooches and Al Gore doing the Macarena.
When Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump in his Republican National Convention speech, he channeled his ideological opponent, Ted Kennedy, whose bitter primary fight with Jimmy Carter made him dodge the opportunity to raise hands with his opponent. It cost Carter the 1980 election, and might do similar damage to Trump.
The work of achieving the America we dream of should not be the work of one group or another but all of us who call this country home. And we the people -- Black, Brown, White -- must not rest until all can claim that dream. And bring it to powerful, just fruition.
My experience has made me conscious of how gun control advocates like myself are failing America, how gun enthusiasts have good points that need to be understood, and how the only successful approach to reducing gun violence in America needs to involve a hell of a lot more initiatives than regulating the sale of guns.
If America does have a consensus that we're all basically OK with the concept of governmental blacklists, and that we further approve of curtailing constitutional rights for people on such lists, then it should be relatively easy to get the necessary votes in Congress and the statehouses.
On April 19th New Yorkers' have the chance to make Hillary Rodham Clinton the nominee of the Democratic Party. All of us New Yorkers, no matter where we live, whose hearts will always belong to New York, know they will do this resoundingly.
As much as they will hate to hear this, what the Republicans need is a Bill Clinton--an enormously talented politician who, through the force of his personality and charisma, and the power of his message, can reorient the party.
I became friends with Ted Kennedy in the last decade of his life. Remembering him on his birthday, I should tell you that the facts of his public life, whether difficult or uplifting, did not fully capture the man.
Moore said that Trump's "personal morality is clear because of his own boasts. His attitude toward women is that of a Bronze
Veteran political observer Jeff Greenfield noted that Iowa might have "false importance." But so now does Bernie Sanders
As the Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth, I have time and again seen the power of positive mentorship. With encouragement and opportunity, many of the roughly 424,000 children in America's foster system go on to lead successful lives.
Many have been comparing Senator Bernie Sanders' surge in the primary polls and his increasingly competitive battle with Hillary Clinton to 2008 and her fight with Barack Obama. It's not the same in two ways.