Ted Stevens

As powerless as the wrongly accused may feel in the internet age, there are ways that those of us concerned about stories like this can exploit technology. We can share news reports of vindication such as the one involving Ancier and Neuman.
Politico reports that Senate Democrats don't have a rule like Senate Republicans do, but that nonetheless Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will face pressure to remove New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez from the Democratic leadership in the Senate if Menendez is indicted,
"You could see the impact of the waste. I remember thinking that this couldn't last," recalled Bill Hogarth Hogarth, the head of ocean fisheries under President George W. Bush and now the director of the Florida Institute of Oceanography. I caught up with him recently when I went to Florida.
The one common denominator that links the old Sarah Palin with the new isn't her political ideology (she has none), it's her blatant opportunism. Sarah Palin has always been about Sarah Palin.
New York State is poised to become the first state in the nation to create a public commission specifically designed to investigate complaints of misconduct by prosecutors. It is essential to the integrity of the justice system and the public's confidence that the system functions fairly and accurately.
On April 24, 2014, The Constitution Project, a bipartisan legal watchdog group, will honor members of the late Senator Stevens
Local officials said they were bowing to the new political reality. “Uncle Ted is no longer with us. Gov. Frank is no longer
Arne Fuglvog, a former fisheries advisor to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and commercial fisherman, who stepped down when he
An administrative judge has vacated suspensions of two federal prosecutors who were disciplined by the Justice Department for their flagrant misconduct in prosecuting and convicting the late Senator Ted Stevens.
The rogue security agent whose actions helped spark the downfall of 2010 U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, a Fairbanks Republican
Although the failure to disclose evidence is a constitutional violation that by its very nature often goes undiscovered, we still know it occurs with disturbing frequency.
Today, it doesn't really matter who the President is or who is in Congress because big corporations run our government.
BNA at that time reported that Stevens was opting for a modest but proactive approach to the federal buildings smoking issue
Last month, NTSB released hundreds of pages of documents stemming from its investigation, ranging from the pilot's medical
Welcome to the contract society. In the contract society, "citizens" have become government's "customers," and they judge government by how satisfied they are with what they get.
A grumpy Norwegian fishing boat captain, a Hulk necktie and nonstop rain in an Alaskan village with not a road leading out of town... if you had told me all of this was in my future, I would have wondered what odd dream you had woken up from.
The Republicans are supposed to be the party of national security. As we found out this week, though, when GOP senator John
"My dad and Lisa made a great team for Alaska and were always loyal to each other and to the state they loved," Covich says
For Murkowski, "the gloves are off." Conventional wisdom has it that write-in campaigns are quixotic, but Murkowski made clear she was one woman who wasn't going to quit on Alaska.