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Researchers call for emergency protections as 400 remaining animals fight for their lives.
The “Free Willy” bill will become law by the end of June.
Scientists suspect the die-off is fueled by declining food sources in the warming ocean waters near Alaska.
Nearly 100 whales are stuck in miserable holding pens after being captured for the aquarium trade.
A sperm whale found off the coast of Sardinia, Italy, was pregnant and carrying 49 pounds of plastic.
"I instinctively held my breath, assuming that it would dive down again and spit me out somewhere."
Marine mammal expert Regina Eisert said she thinks the whale wanted to share its dinner with her.
Nation's decision is bashed by environmentalists and Australia.
President Donald Trump, meanwhile, flew to his private Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.
Rescuers in Indonesia also found 115 drinking cups and 25 plastic bags.
Helping people and animals affected by the fires, from donating to volunteering, "is a marathon and not a sprint."
Volunteers passed about 2,000 books hand-to-hand to the store's new location in Southampton, England.
Noise from ships and boats are causing dolphins to make their calls less complex, according to a new study.
It’s a purr-fect outcome for snoozy volunteer Terry Lauerman, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Wisconsin and the disabled cats they care for.
"Had a shotgun across his lap. He was ready to take his life."
A "Photoshop Battle" broke out over the image of the man trying to stop photographers snapping an anti-Trump protester.
A growing army of online volunteers is poring over photos to find any trace of the young woman.
Tahlequah, whose newborn died on July 24, was spotted swimming without her calf's body on Saturday.