A memo suggested the virus could be considered a "biological agent" as the feds look to crack down on threats, attacks and scams related to the pandemic.
Police said authorities fatally shot a man who was wearing a "hoax device" at the scene of the stabbing.
The Georgia Republican posted a five-part Twitter thread apologizing and citing his Iraq War experience.
Critics slammed GOP Rep. Doug Collins for saying Democrats are “in love with terrorists.”
The 17-year-old is the youngest person to be convicted of planning a terror attack in the United Kingdom.
Al-Shabab extremists have claimed responsibility for the deadly attack at Manda Bay Airfield early Sunday.
Investigators recovered hundreds of shell casings and five firearms at the kosher market attack site, authorities said.
Authorities are trying to determine whether the gunman, who was an aviation student from the Royal Saudi Air Force, acted alone.
The GOP member of Congress has been quick to label it an act of terror, though investigators have not yet made a determination.
Mass murderers are listed as real estate investors or doctors, and white supremacists get the titles of "writer" and "publisher."
After Trump allowed Turkey to invade Syria, ISIS captives were able to escape from their detention in Kurdish-held areas.
James Ford, who was among a group of men who ran after the terrorist, confessed to killing a woman in 2003.
Video shows an unknown man chasing the knife-wielding attacker with a makeshift spear alongside two other brave bystanders.
Police in the Netherlands said they were still searching for a suspect, as well as a motive.
Richard Holzer, arrested earlier this month, faces a maximum prison sentence of 50 years.
Studies of leadership decapitation suggest groups like ISIS often find ways to survive.
The white nationalist Coast Guard lieutenant plotted to “murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country," the feds said.
At least 10 dogs have perished from medical problems. The State Department sent more, a federal report said.
He "found out the Taliban kill people" just before the anniversary of 9/11, one wag scoffed.
““Conservatives must defend all Americans from all threats," writes George P. Bush.