“The greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for him.” The rapper spoke at Pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Houston.
The Source, a network of conservative Christian pregnancy centers in Texas, is planning to offer women certain contraceptives but won't provide abortions.
A former Houston Astros pitcher told sports publication The Athletic that the team cheated during the 2017 playoffs.
Tiffani Shadell Lankford, 32, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault for allegedly attacking a student during Spanish class at Lehman High School.
The demonstration is part of a last-ditch effort to have Rodney Reed's case reevaluated in light of new evidence before his execution, scheduled for Nov. 20.
A bipartisan group of Texas senators and representatives issued two separate but identical letters as support for the death row inmate's commutation grows.
Judges have ruled against the Infowars host multiple times over the last three months and he's on his seventh lawyer.
Adam Curtis Williams was wanted for allegedly stealing James and Michelle Butler’s truck and driving it to Mexico.
A man and a woman were photographed driving a slain couple’s truck across the U.S.-Mexico border.
A man and a woman were seen driving James and Michelle Butler's truck across the U.S.-Mexico border after the Butlers disappeared.
In a mid-August editorial, the Houston Chronicle encouraged the former Texas congressman to run for Senate instead.
In the past week alone, Democratic groups have filed three challenges to voting restrictions in different places.
Brandon Ray Gonzalez, 23, faces a capital murder charge in Saturday night's shooting that left two people dead and a dozen others injured.
Authorities continued searching for a gunman who killed two people and injured 12 at a Texas A&M University-Commerce homecoming party in Greenville.
The shooting in Greenville is believed to have started as a targeted attack. The gunman remains at large.
Cisneros, a progressive, is hoping to unseat Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, who has one of the most conservative voting records in their party.
Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s collections, slammed President Donald Trump days after Trump visited the new Louis Vuitton factory in Texas.
Thousands of cheering supporters greeted Trump in Dallas. But he shares the blame for the GOP's weakening hold on the country's largest red state.
Police fatally shot a lawful gun owner who'd done nothing wrong and was in her own home. Why hasn't the NRA come to her defense?
Atatiana Jefferson's 8-year-old nephew told investigators that Jefferson heard noises outside and pulled out a handgun before she was shot by Aaron Dean.