The report was released shortly after Texas, Mississippi and other states abandoned all basic COVID-19 safety measures.
Conservative pundits are desperately seeking a “deplorables” moment for President Joe Biden. “Neanderthal thinking” will have to do for now.
Bill Magness' ouster follows millions of people going without electricity and heat for days in subfreezing temperatures.
Gov. Greg Abbott did not speak with three of his four COVID-19 medical advisers before the move, according to reports.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is facing backlash in his own state for lifting the mask mandate and other restrictions designed to fight the coronavirus.
GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is “gambling with the health of his state and beyond,” the newspaper's editorial board warned.
The commentator received a series of blunt reality checks for his off-key tweet.
Michigan, Mississippi and Louisiana and San Francisco join Texas in easing mask mandates and other coronavirus restrictions.
Texas will also do away with limits on the number of diners that businesses can serve indoors.
Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc. is one of dozens of electricity providers facing blackout-related charges stemming from last month's severe cold snap.